Venjenss ! The genesis

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Act 1

January 2007
— JAECKEL : Hi, do you want a ticket for the golden ?
— HAEKEL : Nah, thanks, I don’t go there anymore ! It s...ed last year ! Never again !
— JAECKEL (Not wanting to go alone) : Come on, it’ll be fun !
— HAEKEL (Is that so... I didn’t notice any fun last year...) : No ! And I never finish my entries in time... and I’m no longer inspired by the range...
— JAECKEL (Ah ! I got him) : But wait ! We can make something together if you want...
— HAEKEL (Arrrrrgh the crook...) : Mufff... OK take a ticket for me...

Act 2

— JAECKEL : What kind of entry could we do ?
— HAEKEL : I haven’t got a clue, a duel ?
— JAECKEL : What kind of duel ?
— HAEKEL : Well I like the gobs and orks at 40K...
— JAECKEL : An ork versus one or two gobs
— HAEKEL : Except that they are on the same side...
— JAECKEL : Well the gobs could call for vengeance against how the orks treat them.
— HAEKEL : Not bad at all, they could plan a trap !

Act 3

A few days later
— JAECKEL : And what if one of them was pulling a rope to make him fall ?
— HAEKEL : And one who throws something from up above...
— JAECKEL : And another who paints the title of the dio !
— HAEKEL : And a termi to make the bait...
— JAECKEL : Or rather some gobs disguised as a termi ^_^
— HAEKEL : And one last gob to blow everything up !
— JAECKEL : That’s quite a lot to paint...
— HAEKEL : Yep, we’ll need a big terrain...
— JAECKEL : Yeah :/
— HAEKEL : OK, so who does what ?
— JAECKEL (gulp, I’d hate to do the ork) : Well as you like....
— HAEKEL (damn, a dozen of gobs is going to be awful...) : Same here... it’s as you wish
— JAECKEL (OK, let’s try it) : If you want I’ll volunteer for the gobs.
— HAEKEL (mouhahaha, bloke, get ready to get robed) : Well if you want, I’ll do the terrain and the nob...
— JAECKEL (Mouarf, he’s got no clue, he’s going to do the hardest part) : No prob !
— HAEKEL (Niark niark ! What a fool, he’s going to do all the gobs plus the conversions...) : Very well, let’s do it that way.

Acte 4

Paris, Golden Demon, April 15th 2007
— JAECKEL : We made third place ! Now that’s cool !
— HAEKEL : Yeah really cool !
— JAECKEL (Pfff only third, next year, I’m changing partner, he made us lose with his rusted terrain and ork) : Congrats champ, without you, I wouldn’t have won !
— HAEKEL (I knew it, pink goblins was a mad man’s idea, without that, we’d have gold and the sword : I’ve made my mind, in 2008, I’m rid of this bloke) : But all the merit goes to you. Your colors are awesome !


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