Japanese Goblin Base

Article publié le mercredi 9 novembre 2005 par Cédric, Mikael
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The aim was to create a discreet base.

After having seen this photo, the choice of a wooden floor was pretty obvious to expose my japanese goblin and to test a new technic (for me) : using profiled "evergreen" plastic.

I start out by cutting little thin rectangular planks in the plastic. I then glue them on the base ; the planks can overflow the base. I then recut the planks so that there’s a 0.5mm space between them and the sides of the base. Finally, I glue little pieces of plastic on the sides of the top part of the base to clean up.

The base is ready for a white primer spray.

Painting the planks is quite straightforward : a base of Dark Flesh and black, highlighted with Bestial Brown, and some Terracotta in various proportions to change the tons between the planks.

To finish, a wash of black and Scab Red is applied.

To get a better rendering and to follow the "trend", I added a freehand on the planks : a Mon (or clan symbol). The chosen Mon is very simple since freehands are my bane...

It is done with a mix of Graveyard Earth, Bleached Bone, and Ivory Vallejo Model Color for the last touches...

There are no special tips to be given here except to be patient and aim for precision....

I used the circle you can get in the left cardboard from Rackham mana markers to do the exterior circle. Some touch-ups were needed.

With the Mon now finished, I went on to sculpting the bowl and the chop-sticks.

They were made in Fimo. The cup part of the bowl is made by using the wood end of a paintbrush. A flatted ball was added underneath to make the foot. The chop-sticks are little lengths of Fimo cut to the right size.

The dinner board is made up of a plank and two tubes on the ends.

All the elements are assembled with care on a glass surface, and put into the oven at 140°C during 30 minutes.

The dinner board is then painted with a mix of Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone, highlighted with a bit of Ivory.

The "sumi-e" bamboo motifs are painted in diluted black with a bit of Scorched Brown.

The bowl is painted in red with a base color or Dark Flesh and black. The Highlights are done in Scab Red and Fiery Orange. The shines are done in Space Wolves Grey.

The base is finished :

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