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Dernier ajout le samedi 5 mai 2007
Some of our articles, translated in English by Cedric Maria-Sube (aka Green stuff on Wyrd Miniatures)

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Venjenss ! The goblins

samedi 5 mai 2007 par Cédric, Denis
The painting of the dirty (pink) dozen...

Venjenss ! The genesis

samedi 5 mai 2007 par Cédric, Denis, Mikael
The story of our diorama entry for the Golden Demon 2007

Goblins of the Carribeans

vendredi 16 février 2007 par Cédric, Denis
Sea shells and crabs decorate our goblin pirates. Without a doubt : they’re stranded on a beach in the middle of wrecked boats of various ages.

Kaeghir or the oil spill

jeudi 6 juillet 2006 par Cédric, Denis
Directly inspired by Kaeghir, the Coal Shadow, I wanted to paint a dwarf leader for a squad of Naphte thieves. In the end, I decided that Kaeghir would be the only "oiler".

The Master of Carnage

mercredi 16 novembre 2005 par Cédric, Mikael
Some tips about the painting and basing of my Devourer

Japanese Goblin Base

mercredi 9 novembre 2005 par Cédric, Mikael
How to for a goblin base...

A Japanese Goblin

mardi 8 novembre 2005 par Cédric, Mikael
This little goblin is a test work for a bigger goblin regiment project that should be done in a few months time... (french version) First of all, start cleaning up the mini. I then polish some of the parts with a scrubber and fine sand paper (1000 or more grains) to easen the blending work (...)
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