Venjenss ! The goblins

Article publié le samedi 5 mai 2007 par Cédric, Denis

Gad ! Where’s my Goblin Green ! OK : this year, my green skins will be pink. That way I can test my new P3 pots.

The paints used are from the following brands :

  • Games Workshop (GW)
  • Vallejo/Prince August (Pxxx)
  • Privateer Press (P3)


The first of the series : the colors aren’t mastered yet (some zones are a bit rough) but the basics are there : flesh in Khardic Flesh P3 and metallics in Greatcoat Grey P3 (see later on for the step by step).

The fur first got a wash of Battle Dress Green P3, shadowed with some Battlefield Brown. The other side is painted in Menoth White Base P3, shadowed with Bootstrap Leather P3 and highlighted with Menoth White Highlight P3.


For the second one, I chose military colors that I will try to reuse as much as possible (i.e. when the gobs aren’t wearing fur !). Lots of the greens of Vallejo’s range will be used.


Hu and Dia


(Luey and Duey are hidden under the Termi ^_^). First tries at "rusting" using liquide latex (Drawing gum Pebeo) on a 1/35th Tamiya jerrican. The rusted part is some Beastly Flesh RC, the paint, some Traitor Green P3 highlighted with Thrall Flesh P3.

I tried the same thing on the stormbolter : a base in NMM, covered with latex then black. Bad idea : a lot of time wasted for a result which can be obtained directly by painting the metallic scratches on a black base :p




Gnnn... blasted NMM ! A school case on how to put highlights on cylinders (the gun) or on flat surfaces (the mace) : a page to bookmark in such a case ;)


The last of the lot (Sourding, the one below, was done before...) : lots of skin and a bear back that doesn’t forgive mistakes ! I discovered a bit late that Elf Flesh GW let me tie in easier Khardic Flesh, Flesh tone, and Light flesh.

Sourding, explosives expert

(Sorry for the quality of the following pics, I’m not as good as my colleague in photography !)

For the skin, the base is made of Khardic Flesh P3. Warning, the paint is a bit shiny ! The shine will disapear with the other layers. A first highlight is done by adding to the base color some Flesh tone P815.

I then do the shadows with a first wash of Bloodstone P3 : here again, this color has "special" properties since it seperates itself into two colors if too thinned. The initial red-brown brings out a greenish color : not a big bother for a goblin, but you don’t want to abuse too much of it ! I then go deeper into the shadows by mixing some Bloodstone and some Oxford blue P807. Then I reuse some Khardic Flesh to which I add more and more Flesh tone (until I reach pure Flesh tone).

Just to try out my new P3 pots, I did the teeth and the claws with some Battlefield Brown, then Bootstrap Leather, then ’Jack Bone, and finally Menoth White Highlight. (careful with this last color, it lacks in opacity). For the mouth, I first applied some Sanguine Base P3, and then hightlighted by the rightly named Sanguine Highlight P3.

It’s now time to paint the tip of the limbs of our coward : I use a mix of Royal purple P810 and of Sly blue P961, that I highlight with some Sky blue and some Light flesh P928 (mix or not to the precedent mix). I then apply a glaze of Sanguine Base arround the eyes and the beginning of the nose.

On his back, the whip lashes were painted with thin lines of Sanguine Base highlighted with Light flesh. I then applied a glaze of Purple P959.

The pants got a layer of Traitor Green P3, a very pleasing color despite the shine that needs to be diminished : I shadowed it with Traitor Green P3 and I highlighted it with a mix of the base color + Camo Green GW + Menoth White Base P3. I then shadowed again with glazes of Battelfield Brown + Traitor Green, and Battlefield Brown alone.

The wrench at his belt uses Greatcoat Grey P3 as a base color, I then shadow it with Thamar Black P3... you really need to shake this paint before using it because it tends to disentigrate (I prefer Chaos Black GW). I highlight it with the base color + Ironhull Grey P3, then with some Light grey P990. I mark the shadows with glazes of Dark sea blue P898 + Black red P859. The edges and the angles are highlighted with a dot of Skull White GW.

Finally, the rope and the threads of the pants are painted with Bootstrap Leather P3 and highlighted with ’Jack Bone. And that’s that !

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