A Japanese Goblin

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This little goblin is a test work for a bigger goblin regiment project that should be done in a few months time... (french version)

First of all, start cleaning up the mini. I then polish some of the parts with a scrubber and fine sand paper (1000 or more grains) to easen the blending work later.

I then spray 3 to 4 light white Citadel primers ; each one is dried with a hair dryer. As a technical note, these pictures are used as later reference for lighting (pictures wth primer) and the shines for NMM (pictures without primer).

The hands and the weapon are prepared, tried on, and primed but not glued on to keep an easy access to the stomach armor and the back of the "lance".

As usual, I start off with the skin to make things simple. The base is a mix of Bleached Bone and Camo Green.

It’s applied in three thin layers to keep it smooth.

I then highlight with a mix containing more Bleached Bone, then I add some white.

The shadows are done by adding progressively some Catachan Green, then a glaze of pure Catachan Green.

I then touch up the lighting.

I then add some color on the face :

  • Nose : base + Scab Red
  • Lips : base + Shadow Grey (highlighted with some Bleached Bone)

I then take the time do some colored washes on the shadows : Liche Purple and Scab Red.

I finish off with the pus zits by using Liche Purple, Scab Red, Golden Yellow, and white. The skin of the big guy is finished.

Then it’s off to the equipement with some warm colors.

First I’ll do the bamboo protections of the bugger. The base is a mix of Vomit Brown and Bleached bone.

The shadows are done with the following washes :

  • Bestial Brown
  • Scorched Brown
  • black

These washes are very diluted (at least 1:5) and used on smaller and smaller zones.

I then go over the highlights with :

  • base + Bleached Bone
  • base + white

The difficulty is to not make the paint run in the folds. The brush is first wiped on some paper towel, but the paint still has to be liquide.

I then paint the tabard : the base is Scab Red, this is still done in thin layers.

The shadows are deepened with some Scab Red and Dark Angel Green.

The highlignts start out with some Scab Red and some Orange Red (Vallejo Model Color VMC).

Then I continue by adding some Fiery Orange and a brush tip of Kommando Khaki.

The base is applied to the stomach armor : Codex Grey + Camo Green.

The following washes make up the shadows :

  • base + Catachan Green
  • base + Oxford Blue (VMC)

The highlights are done with :

  • base + Space Wolves Grey
  • base + white

The gnarling face has a base of English Uniform (VMC).

The highlights are :

  • Bubonic Brown
  • Beige (VMC)
  • and finally some highlights in white.

The red parts on the armor are done in Scab Red with some Dark Angel Green. The highlights are in Fiery Orange.

The head-band and wrappings are a mix of Bleached Bone and Graveyard Earth, highlighted with a mix of Bleached Bone and Kommando Khaki, then Bleached Bone, and finally some white is added.

Since the body is nearly finished, I can start on the hands and the weapon. Similar elements are painted the same way.

The wood of the weapon is painted in Vomit Brown, Bleached Bone, and Graveyard Earth.

The shadows :

  • base + Catachan Green
  • base + Scorched Brown

The highlights :

  • base + Elf Flesh
  • base + white

At this point I assemble the different parts to get a better perception of the shadows and the highlights on the metal.

The fork gets a layer of Codex Grey and Camo Green.

Highlights start out with Space Wolves Grey added to the base color.

I then continue with Fortress Grey and a brush tip of Light flesh (VMC).

The highlights are done in white.

I then corrode the metal with Black red (VMC), Orange brown (VMC), Golden Yellow, and a bit of Catachan Green.

I then do the nails : Bestial Brown, Elf Flesh, Ivory (VMC).

The lovely little knots on his arms are done with the same reds as before.

His oily hair gets a base of black + Shadow Grey.

The highlights, in order to give a shine to the top-knot of our little monster with poor hygene, are done with :

  • Shadow Grey
  • Space Wolves Grey
  • white

After discussion with Jaeckel, the head-band is highlighted again to contrast more with the skin by using the same colors and by adding some more white.

step 1 :

step 2 :

step 3 :

The final details are added : strings, touch-ups, and finally the base (how to...). The mini is finished !

Front view :

The killer look :

Lunch left-overs :

The back :

Thanks to Cédric Maria-Sube for the translation :)

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